Un 14 de julio de hace dos años, en algún lugar de Kensington-Olympia

Bueno, ya está, después de tanto postear casi puros textos ajenos (citando siempre la fuente, eso sí), he decidido comenzar a publicar otra vez más escritos míos en este blog. Empezaré con "Jubilee", algo que preparé en Londres, exactamente hace dos años.

This song is for you: The highest of the low.
The lowest I’ve been, I’ve been it for you
when I was a-sleepy and silently weeping
with nowhere to go, but your gardens so windy.

I thought: “I’ll be back and I’ll merge with your kind”
as I was in search of some merit and freedom
and all of the things you do own without seeking.
You’ve always been big, and you’ll never slow down.

Not even if I was the limelight.

This song is for you: The highest of the low.
You were born for things like this, or say, were you not?
And when I saw you silently casting a frankly shy tear,
I thought: “It was worth it, or say, was it not?".