belle and sebastian, bien sûr

i was surprised i was happy for a day in 1975
i was puzzled by a dream
stayed with me all day in 1995
my brother had confessed that he was gay
it took the heat off me for a while
he stood up with a sailor friend
made it known upon my sister's wedding day

i got married in a rush to save a kid from being deported
now she's in love
i was so touched i was moved to kick the crutches
from my crippled friend
she was not impressed that I cured her on the sabbath
so I went to confess when she saw the funny side
we introduced my child bride to whisky and gin

the priest in the booth had a photographic memory
for all he had heard
he took all of my sins
and he wrote a pocket novel called "the state i am in"
so i gave myself to god
there was a pregnant pause before he said ok
now i spend my day turning tables round in marks & spencer's
they don't seem to mind

i gave myself to sin
and i've been there and back again
i gave myself to providence
the state that I am in
oh love of mine, would you condescend to help me
i am stupid and blind
desperation is the devil's work
it is the folly of a boys empty mind

now I'm feeling dangerous
riding on city buses for a hobby is sad
lead me to a living end
i promised that i'd entertain my crippled friend
my crippled friend