Las peores canciones de la historia

Mientras todos ustedes ven la ceremonia inaugural de las Olimpiadas, yo me dedico a compartirles una lista de las diez peores canciones de la historia, según la revista Blender de mayo.


9. “American Life”. MADONNA. Worst moment: After rapping, Madonna sings “nothing is what it seeeems” in a manner drained of all profundity.

8. "Party All The Time". EDDIE MURPHY.

7. "Don't Worry Be Happy". BOBBY McFERRIN.

6. “The Heart Of Rock & Roll”. HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS. Worst moment: The second verse, when that cheeky Huey almost uses the word ass. Ah, 1984, such a simple time.

5. "Ice Ice Baby”. VANILLA ICE.

4. "Rollin’”. LIMPBIZKIT. Worst moment: Being addressed as both “partner” and “baby” in Durst’s drawling intro, shortly before being told, bafflingly, “you know what time it is".

3. "Everybody Have Fun Tonight”. WANG CHUNG. Worst moment: That chorus: “Everybody have fun tonight/Everybody Wang Chung tonight.”

2. "Achy Breaky Heart”. BILLY RAY CYRUS.

1. "We Built This City”. STARSHIP. Worst moment: “Who cares, they’re always changing corporation names", sneers Slick, whose band had changed its name three times.

¿Ustedes qué opinan?