Acerca del próximo disco de Bowie


The artwork for David Bowie's 26th studio album, Reality, and the final tracklisting for the release, which is due on September 15th, are ready. The sleeve features the combined talents of Rex Ray (who you all know and love for his work on many previous Bowie projects) and typographer Jonathan Barnbrook, who also worked on Heathen. Reality is the fourth Bowie studio album to feature a painted image of David on the cover, (the first three being Diamond Dogs, Scary Monsters and, of course, 1. Outside ).

Here follows the definite final tracklisting for Reality:

01 New Killer Star
02 Pablo Picasso
03 Never Get Old
04 The Loneliest Guy
05 Looking for Water
06 She'll Drive the Big Car
07 Days
08 Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
09 Try Some, Buy Some
10 Reality
11 Bring Me The Disco King

Some of you may already be familiar with at least four of the titles on Reality for various reasons. There are two cover versions on the album, the first being Jonathan Richman's "Pablo Picasso", (Also covered by John Cale on his Helen Of Troy album) and the second being the George Harrison song "Try Some, Buy Some", which was released on George's 1973 album Living In The Material World. Ronnie Spector also released a version of the song as a single on the Apple label. The other two songs you may be aware of on Reality are both Bowie originals: "Never Get Old" and "Bring Me The Disco King". The former was used in the recent Vittel advert, and the latter is a song that David has tackled before, but hasn't been happy with until now.